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November 2017: Plumbing Inspections
Snapshots From The Field

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Snapshots From The Field
  1. You should not install polybutylene piping or any type of plastic piping system this close to a gas water heater vent pipe.
  2. This is a proper installation.
  3. Plastic piping like polybutylene is the best type of piping system to use for this application.
  4. PEX pipe would be a better choice for this application.

Correct Answer A.You should not install polybutylene piping or any type of plastic piping system this close to a gas water heater vent pipe. There should be a metal type of extension pipe installed for any of the supply lines in or out of a gas water heater. GPI’s inspection expert says that the installation in the photo is a disaster waiting to happen. Also note that the pipe may be leaking due to corrosion.

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Exterior Flashings

Whether for a window, door or skylight, cutting a hole in your home will create a place where water can enter. This can cause rot, mold or other problems. Flashings, made of aluminum, galvanized steel, copper and plastics such as PVC, are meant to cover and protect the seams. This prevents water problems from occurring.

Noteworthy News

Flashings may be visible, concealed or partially concealed, and are integral in ensuring that water stays outside on the lawn instead of inside on the floor. If traced to their source, many so-called roof leaks are actually flashing failures. Flashings divert water away from: chimneys, windows, doors, valleys, the intersection of various rooflines, skylights, pipes and stacks.

As part of a general home inspection, GPI professionals inspect the flashings to ensure they are functioning and properly installed. The inspector will observe both the inside and outside wall and roof openings where flashings are common to determine if there is any evidence of failure or leakage. Findings are recorded in a written report. For more information on flashings, roofs and property inspection, talk with your local Global Property Inspections franchise owner.

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