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GPI Sample Report - 4/17/2007
A PDF excerpt from a GPI residential property inspection.

Infrared information - 4/19/2007
Infrared technology helps trained professionals scan the inside of walls and ceilings to find evidence of water intrusion, missing insulation and electrical hot spots. As a result, consumers have more information to make safety and energy efficiency improvements.

GPI Homeowner's Builder Warranty Checklist - 5/3/2007
A list of questions for the homeowner to condsider prior to a builder's warranty inspection. New home builders will generally provide a 12-month warranty to buyers. It is important to schedule an inspection before the end of the warranty to ensure your home operates they way it should.

GPI Home Inspection Checklist - 5/9/2007
A comparison checklist for homebuyers wanting a clear way to remember and separate a series of homes or properties under consideration.

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