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June 2017: Air Conditioner Maintenance
Maintenance Matters
Air Conditioner Maintenance

A broken air conditioning system can mean some pretty miserable summer days. Taking steps to prevent wear and tear helps avoid some of the problems and the cost of an emergency fix. For instance:


  • Check heating and cooling filters monthly. Clean or replace as necessary. More frequent replacement or cleaning will help reduce pollen and other allergens in the air.
  • Use heat-producing appliances like stoves, clothes dryers and dishwashers in the evening when temperatures are cooler.
  • Remove obvious obstructions, including the cover, branches and other foliage from outside condenser units. Condenser units require free air flow to function efficiently.
  • Make sure all access panels are secure with all screws in place.
  • Indoors, remove obstructions, including curtains and furniture from over vents.
  • Schedule an annual maintenance check on all air conditioning equipment. Check with the local Better Business Bureau for companies with clean service records.
  • Install programmable thermostats. Even raising the temperature a few degrees when people aren’t home can save big bucks over time on energy bills.

Be sure to keep track of service calls and what repairs were made. Remember if you feel uncomfortable with any of these items, it is important to have a professional do an annual air conditioner checkup for you. These simple checks and a single service call will help the cooling system run well all summer and possibly extend the life of the unit.

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The average central air conditioner unit lasts 7 to 15 years. You can extend its life and get the most out of it by having it serviced every year and by following a few simple maintenance checks.

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Humidity is measured with a:

  1. barometer
  2. thermometer
  3. hygrometer

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