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December 2016: Electrical Safety
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Electrical Safety

During a typical year, residential electrical problems account for tens of thousands of fires and millions in property damage. Most of these fires can be traced back to “fixed wiring” issues within a home’s or business’s internal wiring system itself. Safety is one reason why electrical components are a big part of any property inspection service.

Ask The Inspector

A Global Property Inspections professional will perform a visual assessment of the home’s electrical system starting outside with the electrical connection from the street to the structure. The connection to the home, called the service drop, and the utility meter will both be inspected. The inspector continues inside with the electrical panels, light fixtures and a survey of individual outlets.

Where visible, the inspector assesses wires for cracking and aging, checks for the presence of grounding and identifies the size of the electrical system. At the electrical panel, the inspector will review the overall condition of the panel, its functionality based on the number of appliances, estimated age and capacity. The inspector will note the use of fuses or breakers and check for updated safety items such as ground fault circuit interrupters which help prevent electrical shock.

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