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October 2016: Home Exteriors
Maintenance Matters
Fall Clean-up Tips

There’s no better time to get prepared for cooler weather and wrap up end of year maintenance then October. Here are some things you can do to get ready for the winter:

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  • Make sure window screens are removed and storm windows are installed.
  • Automotive fluids and pesticides should be stored safely in their original containers in a location where children cannot reach them.
  • Clean or change your furnace filters depending on the type of system you have.
  • Check and clean the clothes dryer exhaust and the space under the dryer, removing any lint, dirt or other debris?
  • Make sure trees are trimmed safely back from the home reducing the danger of damage during storms?
  • Caulk all windows, doors and other openings in the home to keep heating costs down?

Be sure to be prepared for the winter to come. Taking some time now to hammer out those final maintenance items will allow for a stress-free winter.

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Ivy on Brickwork

A well-built masonry wall, constructed with quality materials, can be expected to last hundreds of years. A covering of ivy may shorten its life some if allowed to dislodge mortar and masonry. If construction is weaker, the effects of the ivy will be greater. Tendrils, and plant growth may also hold water against surfaces, staining the walls.

On the positive side, ivy shades the walls and can reduce summer cooling costs. Large leaves may help shed rainwater away from the wall. According to the Brick Industry Association, removal of ivy may cause more damage to the brickwork than the plants themselves. If removed, ivy should be cut, not pulled away from the wall. Using chemicals or acids can further damage the masonry construction. Growing vines should be trimmed away from windows, gutters, eaves, woodwork and other decorative items.

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What type of house has proven resilient enough to withstand the shock of earthquakes in seismic zones?

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