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What’s wrong with this picture?

Hopper Window

The answer is maybe nothing! If you’re not overly familiar with awning windows (those that open out instead of up), you might not notice that the above awning window appears to be installed upside down. This could be the case, but we’re more likely looking at a hopper window that opens outward instead of inward.

Awning-style windows are hinged at the top and designed to swing outward when opened. While this window does still swing outward, by being upside down, it no longer allows water to slide off at a slant to the ground. Hopper windows look like upside down awning-style windows. They provide similar ventilation benefits, but when placed in such a way that they open outward instead of inward, they also create a near perfect vehicle for rain to slide directly into the home. If this is a goof-up, it isn’t the absolute end of the world, but either way, the homeowner will need to make sure they’re vigilant when bad weather rolls in!

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