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October 2014: Fall Home Maintenance
Snapshots From The Field

Snapshots from the Field

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

A. This is not a preferred method for placing a ladder on a stairwell.
B. This method for placing a ladder over a stairwell is OSHA approved.
C. It is better to place a ladder directly on the stair treads.
D. It is better to place a stepladder at the top of the stairs and lean over as far as you can to reach things.


The correct answer: A. This is not a preferred method for placing a ladder on a stairwell. Always use caution whenever placing or using a ladder on a stairwell.

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What You Need to Know About Ladder Safety

Every year, hundreds of people fall from ladders while hanging holiday decorations, and many people hang their holiday decorations in the fall to avoid hanging them in the cold and snow of winter. You may think you know how to safely use a ladder, but here’s a review, based on an article by CPSC Blogger:

  • Select the proper ladder for the job. It should extend at least 3 feet over the roofline or working surface.
  • Place the ladder on level, firm ground. Use leg levelers on soft or uneven ground, and have someone hold the ladder at the ground.
  • Check the ladder’s maximum load rating to be sure it can support your weight.
  • Make sure that straight and adjustable ladders have slip-resistant feet.
  • Straight, single and adjustable ladders should be set at a 75-degree angle.
  • Use wood or fiberglass ladders — not metal — near electrical wires or equipment.
  • Make sure all rung locks and spreader braces are set and work properly.
  • Watch out for doors. Keep ladders away from doors that may swing open.
  • Only one person should be on the ladder at a time.
  • Keep your body centered on the ladder — don’t lean to one side or the other.
  • Do not stand on the top three rungs of a straight, single or adjustable ladder.
  • Do not use the top step/bucket shelf of the ladder.
  • Never leave a ladder that’s been set up unattended, as this could be a hazard for children and pets.

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